Help kids make healthy choices on Halloween

Oct 21 2013 - 12:54pm


Halloween is a holiday known for its chocolaty goodness and yummy sweet treats.

But with one in three children suffering from obesity, trading sugar-filled candy for more healthy alternatives might be a better idea.

"You can set a good example by choosing healthier trick-or-treat goodies to hand out for Halloween," said Jessica LaRoche, registered dietitian for Harmons grocery stores. "Try to include fruit, nuts or whole grains in snacks to maximize nutrition, or choose nonfood treats."

Raisins or other dried fruits are a good alternative, LaRoche said. So is fruit leather, applesauce without added sugar, and Goldfish Baked Grahams, which list whole-wheat flour as the first ingredient.

"Granola bars like Clif Kid ZBars list whole grain as the first ingredient," she said, also suggesting individual peanut butter packets, Annie's Halloween Bunny Grahams and Brother's freeze-dried fruit.


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