Website not started by Clinton mayoral candidate

Oct 23 2013 - 1:57pm


Rumors have circulated concerning a Clinton mayoral candidate. I feel a responsibility to address them as it's my website, which caused them. 

Debbie Barlow's integrity was questioned when she scored highest on a review of candidate vetting questions posted on the "My Neighbors" website. She's been accused of starting and owning the site and posting fliers advertising her scores on this "tainted" review.

When two other people and I started the site, none of us had heard of Debbie Barlow. I now wholly own the site. Ms. Barlow didn't start, never owned and has no authority or control over the site or its content. Her affiliation is limited to voluntary contributions subject to approval like anyone else. There is no loyalty nor obligation toward her candidacy in exchange for contributions.

The vetting questions were written and contributed by Clinton residents. I compiled them, submitted them to candidates, collected their answers and posted them online. I wrote and tallied the review. The highest scores were awarded to the best answers and don't reflect favoritism toward any candidate. It's been suggested that results were tainted due to friendly affiliations with Ms. Barlow. However, friendly affiliations exist with several council members and candidates. I'm curious why Ms. Barlow was singled out for this attack.

Volunteers and I posted fliers inviting residents to review vetting questions. This effort was unaffiliated with any candidate's campaign.

Rumors were disseminated that I favor Ms. Barlow in the election based on friendship. Not true. I've voted against many friends based on principle. I know, like and respect both Debbie Barlow and incumbent Mayor Mitch Adams. Ms. Barlow would make a fine mayor. I'd be pleased to see the job in the hands of someone so knowledgeable, capable and honest. Mayor Adams has done a fine job as mayor; he's a good man. I've supported him in the past and, although four terms is excessive, I could support his re-election as long as I knew that it was not ill-gotten based on false rumors circulating against his opponent.

Loni Schneider




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