Obama and his ruthless gang caused shutdown

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 2:12 PM

Contributed, Darlene Musselman


I am upset with Jon Huntsman, Dan Lilenquist, John Price, Thomas Wright and the Utah Republican Party as they are denouncing their support for Senator Mike Lee (Oct. 24 news story, “Sen. Lee approval rating drops in Utah as GOP revolt brews”).

Sens. Lee and Cruz are the only people to stand against this corrupt government ruling our country and destroying it piece by piece. The government shutdown was a shame, but it wasn’t Lee and Cruz who did this. It was Obama and his ruthless gang in Washington. Obama was going to get it his way or else make all of us suffer for it. He is the most corrupt and dishonest president we have ever had and our country and our freedoms are being taken.

Sens. Lee and Cruz, and other leaders who stood firm against the giant (government) determined that this Obamacare does not go through should be applauded not scorned! We need more leaders in Washington, not puppets! The leaders need to start somewhere and stand up for what is right in our country.

We have stood by while Obama has left our boarders unattended, admitting millions of illegals into our country. Millions are on our welfare system, taking our jobs, living in our homes and not wanting to become citizens. Our unemployment is the highest since the depression. Why? Because illegals have our jobs! They are costing taxpayers millions. They don’t want to speak English. We educate them in special schools in their native languages and now they get access to our colleges. American schools are bursting at the seams, yet we allow this to be a priority and our taxes are rising every year to accommodate them.

If they truly want to be American citizens, they will need to go through the immigration system.

Please back Senator Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz in our next election. The Republicans that are denouncing them are the ones that are keeping the United States in the mess it is today and will continue to do so if the same old boys are running the show!

Darlene Musselman


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