Our View: Jory Francis for Layton mayor

Oct 28 2013 - 9:33am


Jory Francis
Jory Francis

The Standard-Examiner Editorial Board recommends a vote for Jory Francis in the race for Layton mayor. Francis, still a young man, has many admirable qualities. He created a business, Yuself Labs, which adds to the local economy. He is able to run a business, raise a family, and be a strong voice on the Layton City Council for the past couple of years.

With his strong business background, Francis clearly understands how to run businesses. He can use that knowledge in guiding the city. He understands that retail, particularly the mall, need to adapt for consumers to choose Layton for shopping. He's a strong supporter of the West Davis Corridor, and understands that as Layton, and Davis County, grows in future decades, we need a strong transportation system. He also is committed to finding a way to fix Layton's Utopia problem, in which the city is paying a lot for very little broadband.

Getting all Layton residents to have the opportunity to present ideas and participate as potential decision makers is a commitment Francis has made. He has demonstrated an excellent commitment to get Layton residents involved with city issues. He has a strong knowledge of social media, and we believe that he can use that to get many in Layton involved in various city issues. A particular concern of Francis' is that Layton's farmers feel more involved and more appreciated and that their concerns are a top priority for city leaders. One suggestion he broached is the idea of having a farmer's market in the city.

What Francis will do as mayor is create a vision statement for the city and fairly evaluate all proposals that are designed to support the city's vision. That vision, created by the mayor, council and others, will be retail-based. Layton needs a leader who is determined to bring back shoppers who have left the city for retail needs. We believe Francis is suited for that important responsibility. We believe that he has the energy to lead and the maturity to listen to all residents who have valid opinions about Layton. He can give them a voice, which provides more ideas for the city, and ultimately, better results for Layton.

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