Taxpayers need control of 'electric funds'

Oct 25 2013 - 4:46pm


I have read many comments related to Proposition 5, both for and against. I have also studied the issue carefully. So very many of the opposing arguments are false. I urge everyone to find out the truth!

The main opposition point seems to be that our taxes will have to be raised to cover the expenses that were previously taken from the electric fund. I think our people are smart enough to realize that two things are missing when funds other than taxes are used for additional expenses: 1) Voters cannot vote on the purpose of the usage of the funds, and 2) taxpayers cannot deduct those usages from their income taxes.  

The city manager has, at this point, great control over our money. The city manager presents what he wants, the city council votes 'yes', and it is so!

The past actions of the city council have been to take millions from the electric fund for non-related expenses and then raise our electricity fees! We prefer to have our taxes raised if we agree with an expenditure, not have our electricity fees raised as they were a year ago -  9.65 percent plus "user fees".  

Let's take back control of the money, the ownership of which is held by all the citizens of Kaysville, not just the city council and the well-paid, unelected city manager.  It just makes sense!

Rea Whicker




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