Gas leak causes evacuation of Ogden homes Sunday

Oct 27 2013 - 7:53pm


OGDEN -- A quiet Sunday afternoon became a rush to evacuate people from their homes around 835 Binford Ave.

A vehicle being backed into a driveway at 2:33 p.m. hit a gas meter and severed a gas line below the shutoff valve, causing gas to flow freely, said Eric Bauman, Ogden deputy fire chief.

"It's a pretty close proximity area," Bauman said of the neighborhood.

He said residents from 12 homes, about 30 people, had to be evacuated as emergency personnel moved to make sure no ignition sources were close to the leak, and then to shut off the gas.

He said anytime there is free-flowing gas, there is more danger.

Firefighters responded, making sure they would be able to extinguish a fire quickly should one occur.

"We got the line repaired," Bauman said. "All people were able to go back into their individual residences."

Bauman said personnel from Questar Gas responded to the leak and were assisted by Ogden fire crews.

The repairs took an hour and a half to two hours and safety was restored in the area.

"We try to work very quickly to get people back in as quickly as possible," Bauman said. "We try to get them in before nighttime. Fortunately, we were able to do this."

On Sunday night, the neighborhood appeared to have returned to normal.

"Everybody is safe," Bauman said. "Everybody is back in their homes. Things are good."

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