'Prospective' Kaysville resident can study city websites

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 2:17 PM

Contributed, DeeAnn Schultz


I’m writing regarding the letter of Oct. 28, “Prospective new resident concerned about the ‘big three.’”

In speaking of our city council the visitor noted that Kaysville City Council consists of nothing but men. She then asked, “Where are the women?”

To whom was she directing the question? The current council? The voters? The women of Kaysville? We have had women serve on the council in the past and as recently as 2010 to 2011. Our former mayor is a woman. The November 2011 election had one and the current election has a woman candidate.

She also asked why the incumbents are not identified as such on the ballot and insinuated that this was somehow their doing.

The ballots are prepared by the county following state guidelines. The incumbents have no power to be or not to be identified as such. This is not unique to the city of Kaysville.

As to her concern of not knowing who is who when voting, any citizen can check city websites or read campaign literature and attend “meet the candidates” night to determine who the incumbents are before arriving at the voting booth.

The visitor states that the incumbents are running as a group. Guess what? So are the challengers! I assume she is referring to their signs. However, there are challengers signs placed together as well. I see Pro-Prop 5, Whittaker, Frandsen and Lee signs all together in a group just as often. Maybe she just didn’t visit the right spots to see this. Interestingly, it was the challengers in the 2011 election who came up with this idea. Susan Lee (a challenger both then and now) was among them.

The letter stated “The mayor, Steve Hiatt, and the councilmen, Gil Miller and Jared Taylor (the big three) have put signs up all over Kaysville; do they want to defeat Prop 5?” Exactly what correlation is drawn between the placement of signs and the defeat of Prop 5?

The election of the three challengers is much more reason for concern than the re-election of the incumbents.

DeeAnn Schultz


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