Wade Bigler has time, energy to be N. Ogden mayor

Oct 29 2013 - 3:10pm


I knew Wade Bigler by reputation long before I had met him and long before he was involved in city government. He was known for his good works, both in church and community. I have not changed my opinion. He has a lot to offer the community and its people. Wade is a man who will always stand up for the people and give them a voice. Isn't that what we want in our representatives?

I don't know Brent Taylor, but am sure is also a very good man. However, at "Meet the Candidates Night," he went through a whole list of things he is involved in. Brent has five children, the oldest only eight years old and the youngest, an infant. I believe now is not the time for Brent to get more heavily involved in politics. His family needs him more than we do, especially when we have an excellent candidate in Mr. Wade Bigler, who has the time and energy for the job.

Elaine H. Roylance

North Ogden

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