No longer in Leave It To Beaver era, Davis County hires armored truck company

Oct 30 2013 - 12:10pm


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FARMINGTON -- For as long Mark Altom can remember, or at least since 1992 when he took office as Davis County Treasurer, the county had its employees take its cash deposits to the bank.

But because the county is no longer living in "Leave It To Beaver" land, that service will now be performed by an armored truck company.

On Tuesday, the Davis County Commission approved a $4,769 agreement with Loomis for armored car services.

The contract, effective immediately, will have the armored car company employees coming directly to the Davis County Administration Building to pick up the county's deposits, versus having an employee take the deposits to the bank.

Altom said Davis County is the last holdout among those counties along the Wasatch Front to go with an armored service.

The change is being made, Altom said, on the behalf of the "safety and well being" of the county's employees. Altom said 90 to 95 percent of the time he would personally take the deposits to the bank. But when he was away, staff would have do it, he said.

There have been no incidents that would lead the county to believe that safety has been an issue, Altom said, but it seems to be the "prudent thing to do in today's society."

The commission supports the move.

"In the world of the Cleaver family this (service) may not have been needed," Davis County Commissioner Louenda Downs said, referring to the popular family sitcom "Leave It To Beaver" which ran from 1957 to 1963. "But the world is a different place," she added.

"It's time," Downs said.

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