Where are the conservative Democrats?

Nov 4 2013 - 5:49pm


Several years ago, there were several Democratic members of Congress called "Blue Dogs." They did not follow the party line on every vote but voted their conscience for their constituents. If members of Congress truly represented their constituents, they might vote their conscience instead of being led around by party leaders. 

Democrats seem to be mesmerized or perhaps threatened to vote party line on every vote. With over 500 members of the House and Senate, there must surely be some who have conservative tendencies here and there instead of being led around by political hacks like Pelosi and Reid.

Yet these two radical leftists are sent back to Congress over and over. It is a sad, pathetic time in our nation in which one party has moved to the radical left with almost unbelievable lack any opposition by any of its own members. No one can tell me that every member of a given party votes its party line because of fear of reprisals.

Obamacare might never have passed had each member of Congress voted their own conscience instead of being rounded up like a bunch of robots to vote for that horrific unpopular law. The sad thing is that the voters of these areas continue to send these ultra-liberals back to Congress time after time. Many low information voters are rounded up, taken to the polls, and told how to vote. I saw it often in the South where I grew up and I am sure it exists today.

Marlon Browning



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