Pols must work together to make this a better country

Nov 5 2013 - 2:41pm


It is quite interesting to think that when the Part D of Medicare was passed during the Reagan administration, both the Republicans and the Democrats of both the Senate and the House got together to make it a working law that would benefit the American citizens. Now, the Affordable Care Act has been passed and certified as constitutionally correct by the U.S. Supreme Court, but the Tea Party-led Republican Party can't seem to rise to the occasion to work with the Democrats to make this a law that will benefit all of the American citizens. Their reasoning is to try to bring down the U.S. president, even though he was re-elected by a very large majority of the U.S. people. 

Have they ever really read the writings in the U.S. Constitution that they swore to protect and defend or were they intent on defrauding the people who elected them? It is their jobs to work to make the law that was passed work and improve the economy of this country for the good of all Americans. 

Remember, 2014 is an election year and all of the representatives' seats are up for the electorate to keep or lose. There is an immigration bill that has been agreed upon by both parties that should be voted on and sent to the president's desk for his signature that would help all immigrants, no matter where they come from.

Why can't the Republicans and Democrats get together to make this a better country that is truly a country that can be looked up to by the rest of the world?

Clifford Tornow



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