Writer who thinks Israel wants WWIII should seek help

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 2:28 PM

Contributed, Jerry Meents


Regarding the letter of Nov. 3, “Fake attack (like 9/11) will spur WWIII,” the writer complains that the speaker was selling his book, he must not have gone to a lot of lectures, because in most lectures the speaker will sell his or her book (Oct. 24, “Holocaust survivor to tell his story at Weber State”).

After 10-minute, very pro-Israel video, the letter writer said he was forced to listening to a full hour of propaganda using the Holocaust to justify and promote WWIII, and he was somewhat sickened by that. Were the doors locked in the place were the lecture took place?

He also is trying to tell us that America is responsible for the fake attack and killed almost 3,000 of our citizens but did not explain why our government did that.

He believes that Iran and Syria don’t want to be the battlefield for WWIII so they won’t be starting any wars, because they are all at war right now. This means that Israel will have to start it with a fake attack somewhere. It has to be a big country to have an big impact, maybe China or Russia?

He knows that it surely is going to start (where, he did not say) and our (liberal) media and government agencies will cover it all up according to the writer. (It would be nice if the media did that, for once.)

To me it seems the writer has a big problem if he believes all that baloney. He should seek help.

Jerry Meents


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