Uncontested races dominated Morgan city election night

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 2:27 PM

Cathy McKitrick, Standard-Examiner Staff

MORGAN — On election day in Morgan, voters cast ballots in favor of the status quo.

For the most part they had no choice.

Voter turnout reached 17 percent in this bucolic city of 3,728, in spite of two of three races featuring incumbents who ran unopposed.

Mayor Howard Egbert and Mike Kendell, who occupies the two-year City Council seat, each sailed to easy re-election wins with no challengers. However, a few residents did cast write-in votes in each race.

City Council incumbents Ray Little and Shelly Betz were each re-elected for four more years, garnering 48 and 46 percent of the vote respectively. Voters eliminated Jaden Ingle, a Weber State student who said he ran to bring “fresh blood and fresh ideas” to Morgan.

New faces do get voted in at times, said longtime Morgan City Recorder Julie Bloxham, but not this year.

“I’ve been here 28 years as city recorder and this is my ninth mayor,” Bloxham said.

What caused the dearth of candidates this season remains unknown.

“I would hope that everyone is happy with the status quo,” Bloxham said, “and that it’s not apathy.”

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x- Howard Egbert — 337 votes

Write-in votes — 5

Total votes cast — 342

City Council (2-year seat)

x- Mike Kendell — 322 votes

Write-in votes — 3

Total votes cast 325

City Council (4-year seat)

x- Ray Little — 326

x- Shelly Betz — 309

Jaden Ingle — 40

Write-in votes — 3

Total votes cast — 678

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