Tea Party undermined Republicans, created division

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 2:26 PM

Contributed, Deloss M. Eggleston


In the history of the United States, when a group wanted to organize a new political party, they did. This occurred several times in our history. The Tea party has not organized a separate party, instead, it has used the Republican Party for its support and has used the Republican Party funds and organization to its advantage.

Five years ago, or more, it used Republican money and organization to undermine Senator Bennett. At the mass meetings, it used them to get delegates elected to the county conventions. Mass meetings usually had small numbers, but the Tea Party attended in large numbers and got its delegates into the county convention and the state convention These efforts helped in defeating Senator Bennett.

Not only does it undermine the Republican Party nationally, its members sit on the Republican side in Congress and undermine its goals.

The Tea Party’s proposals will send the country into a depression and cost us a lot more than we lost when it set the government down and when it causes trouble in the near future.

Nationally, we have seen many candidates alter their stands to court the Tea Party. In a late program in support of the Tea party, a future candidate for Congress was there in support of the Tea Party.

I hold the Republican leadership responsible for letting the Tea Party undermine and cause division in the Republican Party. This will be a great advantage to the other parties in the nation.

Deloss M. Eggleston


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