Playing doctor: Syracuse High students hone skills using pigs' feet

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 2:24 PM

Carly Cheney, TX Correspondent

One October day, students in a Syracuse High School medical anatomy and physiology class had an unusual hands-on experience — learning how to properly do sutures, on pigs’ feet.

The session was coached by Kevin Karician, a Weber State University specialist who helps provide hands-on opportunities for medical anatomy classes. Karician taught students how to perform different kinds of sutures such as the surgeon’s knot and the regular knot.

The purpose of this activity, in teacher Troy Anderson’s class, was to show students how stitches should help bring parts of the skin back together after a bad incision or a cut. If not properly handled, infection and scarring could occur.

Giving students an opportunity to work with the pig feet can help them decide what medical path they may or may not want to follow.

I watched as students had a blast and I also enjoyed the activity myself, proving that hands-on experience is the best way to learn. I loved seeing just how stitches work.

And as a result of this class, I was inspired to share with you the Top Seven Awesome and Weird Things about Franken-Feet:

Carly Cheney is a senior at Syracuse High School. She enjoys playing her violin and plans to study medicine to fufill her dream of being a nurse. Email her at

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