Shed fire, explosion Sunday night in Clinton

Nov 11 2013 - 6:29am


CLINTON -- A fire and an explosion in a shed here brought out a number of agencies Sunday night to fight the fire and be on hand in case emergency personnel were needed.

Traffic was diverted on the 2100 North block of 2000 West for a few hours as firefighters took apart the shed and continued to douse it with water.

The main thoroughfare was the site where several fire trucks and emergency vehicles gathered.

"It was like a dirty tornado in the sky," said Robyn Jorgensen of the large explosion in the shed that occurred just before 8 p.m.

Jorgensen, who lives a block away, said she could see the fire from her house after the explosion.

"There was a big, huge, brown plume, and you could see flames," she said. "We went to call the fire department, and then we heard them coming."

Jorgensen, her husband, Jonathan, and their four children all walked over to stand across the street from the fire because they were afraid it might have been at the homes of friends in the area.

Jorgensen's daughter, Buffy, who is 12, said her cousin was worried that McDonald's had exploded.

A relative of those who live just south of the fire said those residents were using garden hoses on the brisk night to keep the fire from spreading to their house.

The family said the excitement was unusual.

"We haven't seen a fire in Clinton since we lived here, and that's been 10 years," Jorgensen said.

Buffy said the shed "looked like someone had put oil all along the thing and lit it."

Daughter Willow, 8, said she thought the blaze was scary.

"It looked like a bon fire," she said.

The family said as they watched, firefighters took the shed completely down.

Firefighters were still working on the shed late Sunday night.

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