South Weber voters were fed up, wanted change

Nov 13 2013 - 2:24pm


Regarding the Nov. 13 editorial, "Ultimatum politics fails," about Mayor-elect Long, perhaps the paper is right about the political way to approach change when one is elected. But I for one, believe that the reason Tammy Long and the other newly-elected individuals received the winning vote is because people are fed up with politics in general. 

I congratulate Mayor-elect Long on standing up and telling everyone what she has in mind. I voted for every one who lost in South Weber, knowing them to be good people who did the best they could. But, I think everyone is fed up in general with  elected officials that do nothing but don't rock the boat. I am not saying that the departing city officials did nothing, but they were caught up in that time that they are all looked down on. 

Look where the federal government is? Promises, promises, but all it is doing is telling us what it thinks we want to hear, so we might vote for them. We seem to be on a sinking ship and our opinions are like a bail bucket full of holes. 

I hope the Mayor-elect will follow through with her thoughts on making South Weber a more financially responsible city. Obviously we all have differing opinions; that has been my problem my whole life. I'm much too honest and straight-forward. I love people that are the same; I know right where we stand with them.

Linc Adams

South Weber

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