Shutdown gave civil servants two weeks paid vacation

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 2:35 PM

Contributed, Ja Dee Huber


I read with much humor the letter of Nov. 5, “Shutdown created woes for many.” The letter writer stated that the U.S. is sending $1.6 billion to Pakistan, yet the U.S. government had been shut down until Oct. 17 and could not meet its obligations. She continued by saying that thousands of people were out of work with no paychecks. She wrote about the parks losing $30 million and that no death benefits were paid for fallen solders. She finished with the question, ”What am I missing here?”

What the letter writer obviously missed, was that several hundred thousands of civil servants received an “Unexpected paid vacation,” some as many as three weeks! Although paid two weeks later than expected, they were paid in full! Some people who returned after the “paid vacation” complained they weren’t considered mission critical and felt slighted (are you kidding me)! I was told I had to work, as I was “mission critical” and I did receive my full allowances on time.

However, if the shutdown ever occurs in the future and I am told I have to work, I will proudly tell my supervision, “No thank you, I’ll take paid vacation with full-pay and benefits!”

Ja Dee Huber


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