Outgoing Syracuse mayor had appetite for big government

Nov 15 2013 - 4:49pm


Just before this year's General Election, two high-level, former Syracuse city employees wrote letters to the Editor, putting a disparaging political spin on staff turnovers and drawing imaginary connections to the "Tea Party" in an ill-fated attempt to influence the election.

Even before being elected to the office of mayor, Jamie Nagle brought in her liberal agenda and appetite for big government, and then surrounded herself with employees who were sympathetic to her ideology and were willing to do her bidding----even when it was contrary to the will of the people.

Since Nagle took office in 2009, 100 percent of our department heads were replaced. Employees who had worked for the city for over a decade were "run off" by Nagle and former-Manager Rice. 

Interestingly, no one has written articles or letters to the editor condemning Nagle and Rice for doing exactly what some are trying to blame on the city council.

Two years after her election, after seeing what Nagle was doing, citizens elected conservative council members to be their representatives. Shortly thereafter, Nagle put up roadblocks between council members and staff, citing ordinances that she claimed prohibited the council from talking directly with staff. Later, Nagle publicly scolded council members for not talking with department heads to understand the needs of their departments.  Was she trying to entrap the council, or just being an obstructionist?

The elections are behind us. The people elected conservative council members in the previous election, and they did the same this time around. Nagle and Rice saw the writing on the wall and resigned or opted not to run for re-election. Nagle-era staffers may feel out of place after the elections. That's okay. They can either remember they are employed by the citizens and work with the duly-elected representatives of the people, or they can seek employment elsewhere. Some already have.

Regardless, the elections showed us the will of the people: a conservative mayor and city council, and leaders who won't run to the press to air differences and dirty laundry when they don't get their way.

Joe Levi




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