Sewer pipe project persists on 2700 South in Syracuse

Nov 16 2013 - 8:38pm


SYRACUSE -- The sewer pipe lining construction project on 2700 South is winding down, but motorists can expect detours to remain in place through at least some of the holiday season.

According to Chris Larson, project manager for C&L Water Solutions and contracted to do the work for North Davis Sewer District, construction will shut down for the season just before Christmas.

However, he said some work will resume next March, primarily involving the roundabout area at 2700 South and 2000 West.

RC Willey customers can expect a few minutes in extra driving time through detour routes.

Larson said to minimize impact on RC Willey, work in front of the home furnishings store will take place on Sunday, Nov. 24, when the business is closed.

The project involves putting a new pipe inside the existing 50-year-old sewer pipe, to extend its life another half century or more. The sewer flow must be routed elsewhere for the work to be done and currently that involves a bypass pipe in the middle of 1000 West Street, south of 2700 South.

The project began last April at Gordon Avenue and Main Street in Layton and proceeded west. Larson said some of the aging pipe encountered has had less than one inch of thickness left, illustrating the project's urgency. He said doing the "pipe in a pipe" method is saving 50 percent in cost and at least 18 months in project time.

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