Don't minimize grief for beloved pet that has died

Nov 18 2013 - 5:49pm


My husband and I recently buried our little pet dog Mitzi, age 14. We were heart broken, but a brochure we received gave us some information that really helped us in our grieving. I'd like to share some thoughts we gained from reading it. 

A survey revealed that 84 percent consider their animals family members, 99 percent talk to their pets and 54 percent celebrate their pets' birthdays. The brochure helped us understand why a family grieves so deeply when their beloved pet dies. Pets don't criticize or judge you. They just love and accept you unconditionally. The brochure also pointed out that your family must accept the need to grieve and not let others minimize your grief. The hurt must be embraced to be lessened. It is nice to know that some mortuaries perform funeral services and there are pet cemeteries.

Pat Fox-Jacobson



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