Family not abiding by rules should leave St. Anne's

Nov 19 2013 - 4:10pm


I feel bad that Sunday's article was printed discrediting St. Anne's services by Mr. Byington (Nov. 17, "Pregnant & on the street"). I have donated to St. Anne's, and I am familiar with the many services they provide for people with problems. I would think that Mr. Byington wrote this letter to try persuade others to feel bad for his own circumstances. If he chooses not to follow the rules, I agree that St. Anne's shelter should ask him to leave. It sounds like he has ego problems, and doesn't seem to care only for himself, and not for the safety and health of his poor wife.  

I can't imagine that his Mrs. Byington wouldn't stay where she could have shelter for herself and not put her child in danger. She appears to be a "follower," and I would hope that she would take advantages of the services at St. Anne's where there are parenting skills taught. I do feel bad for the future for that baby, and do hope that the little girl continues to stay in a safe place.

Jerry K. Jorgensen


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