Sign issues threaten Wisco Inc. business

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 2:45 PM

Standard-Examiner Correspondent, Terrie Stephenson

FARR WEST — It is time for Wisco Inc. to get rid of the temporary sign and get a site plan to the city for a permanent sign, or lose its license to do business, says Planning Commissioner John Stewart.

Wisco is located at 2202 N. 2000 West and is about two miles south of Smith and Edwards. The business was established in 1994, but moved to Farr West in 2013. Wisco sells various paving stone products as well as other concrete items including waterfalls, retaining walls, fire pits and barbecue islands.

Stewart said the city has worked with Wisco on a conditional use permit since owner Cory Wilkes started the business without a license and then obtained the required permit and license. On the sign issue, Stewart said he has spoken to Wilkes a half a dozen times or so with no results. Stewart said the city has received complaints about the temporary sign, which should have been up for only 35 days and now has been up for more than 60 days.

Wilkes said Monday he was unaware the city had a problem with his temporary sign. Wilkes said he is still deciding where he wants to put a permanent sign, and when he decides he will get it done. He put no time frame on his decision.

Stewart said the sign is not the only problem at the site. He said the business also needs to put up a fence and there is work needed on a detention basin, but he said the sign is the main issue right now.

“A line has been drawn in the sand,” said Stewart. He said Wisco needs to have a site plan for a permanent sign to the planning commission by the Dec. 12 meeting or risk losing the business license.

Stewart said Wisco can have a 10-foot-by-10-foot permanent sign but must gain approval for the plan through the proper channels.

“We are trying to work with him, but we need to see some progress,” said Stewart, “Normally we approve the site plan then the business starts. He started the business first with only a temporary sign.”

Stewart said Wisco eventually plans to have a building on the site, but is already expanding the business and it just needs to come into compliance with the city requirements to continue doing business in Farr West City.

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