Utah panel rejects Medicaid expansion

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 2:44 PM

The Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY -- A Utah legislative panel has recommended three options for the future of the Medicaid program Utah - and full expansion is not one of them.

The panel on Thursday recommended leaving the program as is or partially expanding Medicaid under two different plans.

Under the health care overhaul law, the federal government has offered to pick up the full cost of Medicaid expansion through 2016 and 90 percent after that.

Democrats want full expansion, arguing it's the right move morally and for state finances. But Republicans are worried federal budget strains may cause Washington not to hold up its side of the agreement.

The panel's recommendations are designed to help the legislature decide during the next session. The governor is doing his own parallel research, and he and the legislature must agree on a plan.

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