Clearfield holder of deadly gaboon viper pleads to charges

Nov 29 2013 - 6:23pm


CLEARFIELD -- The man who had a deadly gaboon viper in his home entered a plea in abeyance to two of the six charges.

Brody Alan Rigby, 27, appeared in Clearfield Justice Court  on Wednesday before Judge John L. Sandberg.

He entered a plea in abeyance to one count of wanton destruction of protected wildlife and one count of importation of protected wildlife, in exchange for the other four charges to be dismissed.

According to the court website, Rigby also agreed to pay a $1,133 fine.

If Rigby has no other criminal charges filed against him for a year, the other two charges will be dismissed.

Rigby was charged in September following an investigation by the Division of Wildlife Resources.

North Davis Fire District firefighters were called to Rigby's home on July 26 because of smoke coming out of the dwelling. They found 30 snakes in various aquariums, including the gaboon viper and five rattlesnakes. 

Davis Animal Control and DWR officers were called to the scene to investigate the snakes.

The gaboon viper and five rattlesnakes are illegal to own without a permit because they are venomous, officers said.

The remaining snakes, pythons and boas, are legal to own and can be bought at any pet store. None of the snakes were harmed by the fire, which started on the kitchen stove.

Officers called Jim Dix, owner of Reptile Rescue Inc., to assist officers in removing the six snakes.

Officers said Rigby had told them he had bought the viper from an Internet site.

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