A hammer and the drum major

Nov 29 2013 - 12:47pm

What do the two have in common; on the surface it seems there could be nothing  more dissimilar. But wait, there's more. Metaphorically speaking it is said that if your only "tool" is a hammer, you see all problems as "nails." We know that a hammer is used for driving pointy objects like nails into wood or tin or shingles or other things in need of being fastened. But, it is not the only tool for the job; sometimes a screwdriver, or staple or even glue works better. So, a Mr. Fixit is wise to carry more than one tool for fastening, etc.

A Drum Major usually carries a large baton with a glittery ball on one end; he or she prances down the parade route leading a band of musicians in formation marching and playing their instruments in a parade. The Drum Major is often more for show than a real leader, his job is largely ceremonial. With an oversized hat perched on the head and a slivery chinstrap securing it in place the DM, with chin thrust upward, arms waving about, hands twirling and hoisting the baton in time with the music he leads his band of musicians to their destination and guides them around obstacles; stopping and starting them as required. He cuts quite a dazzling figure and embodies school spirit as do majorettes and cheerleaders. 

It may have occurred to you as it did to me that there is a resemblance between the Drum Major and President Obama; especially the chin thrusting skyward. The president leads a band of energetic, enthuastic followers who know what is best for us, or so they think. His band of liberal/progressives sees the need for the federal government to be intimately involved in our every endeavor. You can say that they want to use the government "hammer" to drive every "nail" since it is their only tool. 

They applied the "hammer" to "health care reform" and came up with ACA, Affordable Care Act, but missed an opportunity to be truly transparent starting with the name of the act. ACA is so broad and covers so much of the health care industry it should more properly have been designated as the Comprehensive Affordable Care Act, or CACA which would have at least warned us what was being dished out. Many members of Congress deduced the obvious and refused to vote for CACA. The chickens have now come home to roost and for some reason I'm reminded of a summer job I had as a teenager shoveling out chicken coops.

Other Chinese proverbs that apply are: "Be very careful what you wish for (as in Obama's legacy health care reform) you might just get it." And -- "The nail that stands up gets hammered down." You never know how things will turn out; ACA just might be here to stay especially if Congress rolls over and allows the fixes to be paid for out of the "black hole" known as the federal budget. Budgets are not all that important to this administration; they rarely bother to prepare one. Certainly the current administration has no problem incurring more debt and would like to add even more taxes because as a prominent Democrat declared, there's just nothing more to cut. Don't expect the government waste, fraud and abuse folks to believe that, they'll cite you more examples of waste than you can comprehend.

Apologies to all you brave guys and gals who have taken turns leading a marching band and have served fellow students and schools well, we all need to be led and inspired at times. There is very little leadership in the "beltway" coming from the Congress and the White House. A great opportunity exists for someone with real leadership qualities.

On a serious note, it should be clear to most Americans that we are not a nation of political correctness, that's not what made us great. 

Our strength is based on the values enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights; on believing in each other and defending our national sovereignty, even believing that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights. And, we will follow that leader to restore America's rightful place in the world.

Reynolds lives in Pleasant View.

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