Facebook address mixup has layton official explaining things

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 8:58 AM

Bryon Saxton, Standard-Examiner Staff

LAYTON — Layton Recreation Supervisor Dave Thomas is not leaving the city, nor has he ever had any intention of doing so, despite where Facebook places him.

“I’ve decided not to sue Facebook for putting my address in ‘West Kaysville’,” Thomas posted on Facebook early Monday in at attempt to clear up questions about his supposed move.

Thomas said he was approached Saturday night at a concert by some longtime Layton residents who were concerned that he would be moving from the city after 40 years.

Thomas, a front man for the local rock band “Mid-Life Crisis,” is one of the more recognized faces in Layton.

The confusion, Thomas said, was a result of Facebook placing his home address in west Kaysville instead of west Layton.

But the news that he was possibly moving to west Kaysville, Thomas joked, may have also come as a shock to Kaysville residents.

“All those from there (west Kaysville), who read that, can take down their for sale signs. It will never happen,” Thomas said, hoping his Monday post will squelch any rumors.

Thomas, who has worked 24 years for Layton City, and is a member of the first graduating class of Layton High School, said he intends on staying in Layton.

“The closest I have come to being in west, east or central (Kaysville) is when I have flown under the radar to get a corn dog from corn dog man in Kaysville,” Thomas said. “I’m trying to get him to defect,” he added.

Thomas said he has since corrected the address problem with Facebook.

“For those that were concerned, thanks, for those that don’t care one way or another, just look at it as more time wasted on Facebook,” he said.

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