Our View: Ogden's cycling niche

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 9:02 AM

Editorial Board, Standard-Examiner

We give kudos to Ogden city officials in their success in bringing bicycle companies into the city. Ogden does economic development correctly. City officials find a business niche and work it extensively to the benefit of the community.

Junction City Mayor Mike Caldwell, Ogden Business Recruitment Relations Manager Steve Fishburn, and others deserve high marks for efforts to attract the cycling industry. An example was last fall, when state officials hosted “a Scenic Tour of Utah,” which was a several hundred-mile bike ride that included Ogden’s charms as a cycling industry center. Over a week’s time, Asian cycling company CEOs biked from Ogden to Las Vegas. Also, both Caldwell and Fishburn, along with state economic officials, traveled to Taiwan earlier this year, pitching Ogden as a relocation city for businesses.

The most recent success in the industry was bringing Volagi Cycles into Ogden. The company, previously headquartered in California, moved to Business Depot Ogden in October. Volagi builds high-performance bikes that are designed for endurance.

Other cycling companies now established in Ogden include Quality Bicycling Products, Tektro USA, Scott Sports, Amer Sports and ENVE Composites.

Caldwell is determined to have Ogden become a North American cycling cluster, and we’re pleased that things seem to be moving that way. Fishburn told the Standard-Examiner that more cycling companies will be coming to Ogden. “We’ve laid a lot of groundwork with some of the things we’ve done. And now we’re going to really start seeing the fruits of our labors,” he said.

Positive talk from marketing professionals is not uncommon, but so far, Ogden seems to be riding the talk.

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