Some skiers can be careless, rude

Dec 16 2013 - 5:37pm


In response to the letter of Dec. 16 (Snowboarders have an in-your-face attitude), I offer a few thoughts.  The writer states that young 16-25 year old men don't possess consideration or judgment and are basically a bane upon the earth.  Really?  What a sad life the writer must lead.  I know any number of young men in that age group, my son and his friends among others, who are thoughtful, kind, non-judgmental people.  And they're fun to talk to.  They make me think.  They perhaps aren't looking for specific demographic groups to behave in predetermined ways or they might assume all old men to be grumpy, hateful spewers of vitriol.

Regarding snowboarders on slopes, I too have had a bad encounter involving a skier and a boarder.  At the time, my son was on his snowboard just ahead of me.  From out of nowhere, a grown man on skis came flying onto the run, crashing into my son.  Fearing my son dead, no appropriate words came to mind for the skier. He, incidentally, outweighed my son by a good 100 pounds.  Did he stop to offer assistance?  Apologies?  You jest.  Know who did stop to check on my groggy son?  Snowboarders.  


Cherie H. Gilmore


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