UHP officer target of drive-by shooting in Ogden?

Dec 19 2013 - 11:00am


Utah Highway Patrol
Utah Highway Patrol

OGDEN -- Police are on the lookout for an individual they suspect shot at a Utah Highway Patrol officer from a moving vehicle Wednesday evening.

The incident happened at about 5:30 p.m. at Wall Avenue. and 32nd Street. The patrolman pulled over 42-year-old Jamie Bishop for a traffic violation and was taking her into custody for an outstanding warrent, UHP Sgt. Todd Royce said.

As this was happening, the patrolman heard a single gunshot coming from a vehicle traveling northbound on Wall Avenue, Royce said. Several nearby witnesses also say they saw and heard the vehicle and the gunshot.

The officer took evasive action as the vehicle sped away. No one was injured and investigators are still determining where exactly the bullet struck, Royce said.

Ogden City Police are actively searching for the suspect vehicle.

It is unknown if the suspected shooter is in any way connected to Bishop. It is unknown what her arrest warrant was for.

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