Our View: Improving student safety

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 9:15 AM

Editorial Board, Standard-Examiner

We’re pleased at the efforts that Top of Utah school districts have made to better insure the safety of students, as well as staff, at schools in case of an emergency.

Although events such as the Newtown killings, as well as the deadly shooting in Colorado recently are very rare, they are all too real to the victims, as well as family, survivors and the rest of us, who witness the intense media coverage of these crimes.

For the past year, America has had a renewed debate about how to best protect our school children. It is heartening to see the results from Davis, Ogden and Weber school districts. The districts’ personnel took a strong look at existing safety procedures, and discovered ways to improve safety.

Some of the changes include:

• In the Davis district, having school personnel taking care of children in their classrooms, rather than in hallways, and waiting until being released by law enforcement officials.

• In the Ogden district, officials will be focused on providing information directly to parents, rather than having the parents call the district for information.

• And the Weber district has security cameras in its schools that can be accessed by the Ogden Police Department’s real-time crime center.

It is impossible to anticipate, and prevent, every case of school violence, but it is imperative that districts are always engaged in fine-tuning and improving security plans. It’s the best way to lessen the chances of a criminal tragedy.

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