Santa's magical secrets unveiled

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 9:15 AM

Sarah Stratford

Sleigh bells ring out through the cold wintery night. It is late Christmas Eve and a large, jolly, old man is hard at work delivering joy to all the good little children of the Earth.

Just how does the endearing yuletide icon accomplish this feat? What forms of magic and science does he employ in this evening of gift-giving?

These compelling questions have plagued the minds of children and teenagers alike for generations.

Katie Thomas, a freshman at North Davis Preparatory Academy, calculates that Santa has “to visit 822 houses per second,” in order to fulfill the wishes of children worldwide.

So how does he do it?

Time tinkering

One of the most popular theories out there is that Santa Claus can stop time. Being able to manipulate the space-time continuum easily explains how one man can circumnavigate an entire planet in just one night.

As Jake Heywood, a senior at Weber High School, says, “He’s magic, it’s obvious. He can stop time somehow; maybe he’s friends with Father Time.”

In the same thread of time travel, a growing theory surrounding Mr. Claus has developed, inspired by widely popular BBC TV series “Dr. Who.”

“He holds all the presents in the tardis,” explained Tyler Clarke, a senior at Bonneville High School, referring to a time-traveling police box used as a fundamental machine in the “Dr. Who” program.

Cade Lee, a freshman at Orion Junior High school, favors the theory that the sheer amount of Christmas spirit in the air is the source and lifeblood of Santa’s magic powers.

“Christmas Spirit makes the sleigh fly. More you sing, more Christmas Spirit,” Lee said.

Aaron Vidamr, a freshman attending North Davis Preparatory Academy, also shared the same view, clarifying, “(that the) more Christmas Spirit, the faster the sleigh goes. ... He uses his magic (to stop) time at midnight so he can deliver all the little kids’ presents at midnight.”

Super powers

Heywood offered a theory that Santa is capable of self-replication in addition to his powers of controlling time.

“He can replicate himself. Obviously he can split himself (since) I see him in all these malls,” he said.

Monika Clarke, a sophomore at Bonneville High, has a straightforward theory about the old man and how he gets his work done so quickly and effectively.“Aliens,” she said.

Makenna Harris, a freshman at Orion Junior High, holds the opinion that, “He’s related to Gandalf and Dumbledore.”

The gift giving is a group effort, says Eric Lee, a freshman at Orion Junior High.

“The elves do it instead of Santa,” he says.

Whether it be through time travel, personal relationships with other magical beings or just sheer awesomeness, Santa is able to accomplish this Herculean task year after year. The public may never know exactly how jolly old St. Nicholas pulls it off, but the mystery merely adds to the wonderment and atmosphere of the holiday season.

Sarah Stratford is a senior at Davis High School. She loves cinematography, books, art and writing. Email her at

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