Our View: WSU: 125 great years

Friday , February 28, 2014 - 12:07 PM

Editorial Board, Standard-Examiner

Happy 125th birthday, Weber State University. The Top of Utah’s university merits all the respect and gratitude we can muster.

On Jan. 7, 1889, 98 students, organized by the Weber Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, enrolled for the first term in the Weber Academy located at the Second Ward Meetinghouse on Grant Avenue and 26th Street.

By the end of the first term, enrollment had nearly doubled. By 1892, the Ogden college was educating teachers for the rest of Utah, a tradition that it still excels at.

In its early years, the school was located in the Moench Building, on Jefferson Avenue. It eventually moved to its main campus on Harrison Boulevard in Ogden. In the 1930s, ownership of the school moved to the state, and it has remained a state school. And today, Weber State University more than fulfills its important responsibility, which is to be a conduit for students to fulfill higher education.

The university has been a resounding success and we’re very proud to cover its activities and accomplishments at the Standard-Examiner. The university is celebrating its 60th year of success as a nursing school. Another example of Weber State’s continuing contribution to the community is its efforts in helping Ogden get 1,100 jobs with the landing of a HomeDepot.com sales and customer service center. What that means is that Weber State University is more than a place for 28,000 students to receive an education, it is a viable, strong member of the Ogden and Top of Utah community with the clout to make Northern Utah a better place.

As Weber State University moves well into its seventh score of years, we can note with satisfaction its diversity. All 29 Utah counties are represented, as are all 50 states in the nation. Also, 55 foreign nations are represented. Tuition is the lowest in Utah for residents at just below $5,000 a year. Two thousand and fourteen will be the 35th year the university has awarded master’s degrees.

The world will change a lot in another 125 years. The biggest mover now is technology. We are more than confident that Weber State University will meet the challenges of changing times and provide quality to students and the Top of Utah.

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