All-Star wrestling matches draw elite Utah preps

Friday , February 28, 2014 - 12:08 PM

Standard-Examiner Staff

OREM — The name has changed but the quality of wrestling has not.

Utah prep wrestling’s all-star matches are in their 14th season. Previously known as the Utah Amateur Foundation All-Star Dual and the Utah High School All-Star Wrestling Matches, the 2014 version of the celebration of great wrestling will be known as the Simplii All-Star Match.

And it begins tonight at 7 p.m. at Utah Valley University’s UCCU Center.

Fourteen Top of Utah wrestlers have been selected to participate in the competition, which will include six teams this time around.

The group includes Layton’s Landon Brown and Colton Marshall, Syracuse’s Teague Vigil and Brock George and Box Elder’s Matt Williams and Breckin Gunter.

Area participants also include Bear River’s Cooper Skinner, Morgan’s Jayden Pentz, Fremont’s Jaydon Rogers, Davis Wyatt Koelling, Mountain Crest’s Jordan Wengreen, as well as Dakota Clark and Hawkan Cornia of Rich, and Jaxon Cole and Brent Staples of North Summit.

This year, the state’s five classifications will each field a full team, with a wild-card team evening things out.

That means 84 of the state’s top wrestlers going at in on three mats.

The scheduled matches:

106 — Cameron Hunsaker (American Fork/5-A) vs. Jaxon Cole (North Summit/2-A)

106 — Nelson Jones (Pleasant Grove/wild card) vs. Cooper Skinner (Bear River/3-A)

106 — Braiden Parker (Wasatch/4-A) vs. David Van Tassell (Duchesne/1-A)

113 — Kyson Levin (Pleasant Grove/5-A) vs. Josh Allen (Delta/2-A)

113 — Tanner Cox (Maple Mountain/4-A) vs. Brock George (Syracuse-wild card)

113 — Cameron Dickinson (Richfield/3-A) vs. Tanner Jeffries (Wayne/1-A)

120 — Ryan Hansen (Maple Mountain/4-A) vs. Matt Lee (South Summit/2-A)

120 — Chandler Strand (Herriman/5-A) vs. Jayden Pentz (Morgan/3-A)

120 — Josh Jensen (Payson-Wildcard) vs. Brady Farnsworth (Altamont-1A)

126 — Riley Loveless (Payson/3-A) vs. Ben Anderson (Pleasant Grove/5-A)

126 — Kedric Coonis (Uintah/wild card) vs. Trent Kelly (Maple Mountain/4-A)

126 — Bracken Lovell (Delta/2-A) vs. Hunter Bowring (Monticello/1-A)

132 — Dusty Hone (Cedar City/3-A) vs. Taylor LaMont (Maple Mountain/4-A)

132 — Jaydon Rogers (Fremont/5-A) vs. McCrae Thatcher (Millard/2-A)

132 — Zach Allen (Piute/1-A) vs. Andrew Bartholomew (American Fork/wild card)

138 — Matt Findlay (Alta/5-A) vs. Johnny O’hearon (Maple Mountain/4-A)

138 — Hagen Loveless (Payson/4-A) vs. Brandon Musselman (Monticello/1-A)

138 — Victor Almanza (Delta/2-A) vs. Greg Lamb (Corner Canyon/wild card)

145 — Branson Ashworth (Spanish Fork/4-A) vs. Beau Blackham (Uintah/3-A)

145 — Teague Vigil (Syracuse/5-A) vs. Cameron Killian (Maple Mountain/wild card)

145 — Dillon Thurston (North Sevier/2-A) vs. Preston Stephenson (Wayne/2-A)

152 — Matt Williams (Box Elder/4-A) vs. Brendon Sorenson (North Sevier/2-A)

152 — McKay Prince (Hurricane/3-A) vs. Cole Eldredge (Monticello/1-A)

152 — Colton Marshall (Layton/5-A) vs. Walker Van Tassell (Salem Hills/wild card)

160 — Jacob Armstrong (Salem Hills/4-A) vs. Bailey Carlson (Pleasant Grove/5-A)

160 — Lucas Batin (Dixie/3-A) vs. Jordan Wengreen (Mountain Crest/wild card)

160 — Tyler Gamble (Millard/2-A) vs. Dakota Clark (Rich-1A)

170 — Kimball Bastian (Maple Mountain/5-A) vs. Dalton Harmon (Juab/3-A)

170 — TJ Wind (Pleasant Grove/5-A) vs. Rylee Foy (Altamont/1-A)

170 — Travis Gillman (Beaver/2-A) vs. Kaden Campbell (Union/wild card)

182 — Micah Gill (Mountain View/4-A) vs. Will Lang (West/5-A)

182 — Dylan Brown (Manti/2-A) vs. Wyatt Koelling (Davis/wild card)

182 — Austin Wilcox (Monticello/1-A) vs. Hunter Neville (Desert Hills/3-A)

195 — Breckin Gunter (Box Elder/4-A) vs. Cody Stevenson (Desert Hills/3-A)

195 — Landon Brown (Layton/5-A) vs. David Schena (Delta/2-A)

195 — Clay Moss (Jordan/wildcard) vs. Tony Brown (Altamont/1-A)

220 — Roy Nash (Taylorsville/5-A) vs. Colton Grossaint (Kearns/4-A)

220 — Austin Taylor (Pleasant Grove/wild card) vs. Derek Johnson (Payson/3-A)

220 — Jesse Durrant (North Sevier/2-A) vs. Rowdy Josie (Panguitch/1-A)

285 — Zac Dawe (Pleasant Grove/5-A) vs. Cole Mair (Uintah/3-A)

285 — Micah Ngatuvai (Mountain View/4-A) vs. Brackin Stringham (Lehi/wild card)

285 — Brenz Staples (North Summit/2-A) vs. Hawken Cornia (Rich/1-A)

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