Gestapo-style death squads hardly ever necessary

Friday , February 28, 2014 - 12:21 PM

Contributed, Ray Boyle


The tragedy that occurred with Matthew Stewart is still fresh in many people’s minds. I have heard two theories as to why the police handled this matter in a fashion that resulted in needless death and destruction.

Theory one postulates that the large number of heavily armed policemen were being rewarded with some overtime pay for their participation in swat team type operations.

Theory two guesses someone saw an opportunity to confiscate Mr. Stewart’s house.

I would hope both their theories are in error. It is most difficult to understand why units modeled on Gestapo-style death squads and tactics need attack when a simple citation is much more appropriate to the crime.

When a young woman in West Valley was killed by narcotics police, it came out that huge problems were associated with that unit.

Hopefully public outrage over these incidents will slow our progress to our becoming a police state.

Ray Boyle


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