Our View: Davis Chamber loves Chevron

Friday , February 28, 2014 - 12:22 PM

Editorial Board, Standard-Examiner

The Davis Chamber of Commerce has nominated Chevron Corp. for its business of the year award. No need to blink twice. Really, the Davis Chamber sent a mash note to Chevron, architects of the diesel fuel spill at Willard Bay.

It’s very rare that in one swift step an organization makes itself irrelevant on a particular issue, but in this case, the Davis Chamber has managed it. What rational person considers Chevron as a finalist for business of the year?

Going beyond the fuel spill, which is requiring several million dollars to resolve, there is also Utah’s significant problem with air quality, of which Chevron does not have a great track record.

However, our beef is not so much with Chevron, which is making amends for the spill and will maintain an important business role in Utah. It’s with the Davis Chamber’s opinion that it is one of the top three businesses of the year. That’s a notice better suited for The Onion satirical news. It’s one thing not to condemn an embattled business. It’s another thing to actually honor the business!

The award for business of the year will be given on Jan. 24. Unless we’re living in alternate reality, we suspect the winner will be one of the two other nominees, Western States Lodging & Management, or Kihomac, a Layton-based business that renews and extends aerospace investments.

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