Cars idling at train crossing add to pollution

Jan 27 2014 - 5:26pm


Recently Clearfield city elected officials proudly showed off in the Standard Examiner the long-planned 193 roadway project (Jan. 26, "Multicommunity project").  I too have traveled it numerous times and was impressed until several days ago when I abruptly needed to stop for the train crossing.  Most citizens are aware of the snail pace of trains maneuvering back and forth while switching and dropping off or adding rail cars.  

My granddaughter and I observed for at least 15 minutes, the amount of traffic that was backing up behind us. Within about 10 minutes, three-fourths of the motorists turned around for alternate roadways.  Finally, the arms began to lift and a gentleman in front of us who was so annoyed by the wait, he blasted through the arms and for a second both of us thought he would be leaving the roof of his car laying on the tracks as a souvenir. Of course, citizens will hear that this is a rare occasion, but this is a disappointment and a distraction to a nicely built roadway. 

In addition, during our wait we observed that most vehicle sat idling during this long wait.   

Utah citizens are aware of our air quality and with the price of gas, why do they continue to ignore their part in helping to clear up Utah's pollution problem?

Pam Wixon

West Haven


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