Fat Bike Summit is another event to showcase Ogden

Jan 27 2014 - 5:44pm


Leave it to the GOAL Foundation, Ogden-Weber Convention and Visitors Bureau, Mayor Caldwell, and the Ogden city team to create yet another great outdoor event that brings folks from the region to come and play within our great parks and trails (Jan. 25, "Global Fat Bike Summit returns to Ogden").  The Fat Bike Summit certainly brought positive economic impact to the local restaurants and hotels, but maybe more importantly, it demonstrated how our parks and golf courses can serve multiple activities and families of athletes. Already this year we can see cross-country skiers, fat-bike cyclists and this fall, the bi-annual cyclo-cross event at the Mount Ogden Golf Course.

These activities not only showcase our great natural resources----it demonstrates to business----new, recruited and/or local growing businesses, that Ogden is a city that can provide the outdoor activities that the highly desired and scarce potential employees are looking for when making career and re-location decisions.

By looking at our city's resources from different perspectives, GOAL and Ogden city have shown how to create new venues and events that will continually attract world-class companies and the talent they will need to be successful. Well done!

Guy Letendre



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