Whinham report: Speeding with Roy High girl interns

Jan 29 2014 - 6:21am


Greg Whinham
Greg Whinham

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ROY -- Before Roy Police Chief Greg Whinham resigned last July and married the employee he admitted dating, an internal investigation found other violations of policy, but nothing criminal.

The report, finally available this week, details an episode where Whinham was speeding, caught on radar, with police department interns in his car, allowed unauthorized access to his computer and appeared to show favoritism to certain employees.

The internal investigation of the chief was conducted by Layton Assistant City Attorney Steve Garside after Roy officials placed Whinham on leave June 19 after city council members received undisclosed email complaints.

Whinham abruptly resigned July 17 after city officials received Garside's report, then married the police department records clerk he had dated, Kristan Lindstrom, on July 19.

Whinham had admitted to dating her, then reporting it to officials after checking city policy that restricts such relationships. He also admitted to other missteps as to policy without specifying, except to say it was nothing criminal.

The heavily redacted, nine-page report was released earlier this month after mediation by State Records Ombudsman Rosemary Cundiff with Roy officials at the request of media. The city officials had previously refused to release the report in any form.

In the computer incident, the Layton report found Whinham allowed a local business owner access to his computer to study for an online educational course and take tests. 

The speeding incident involved two female interns from Roy High School in a ride-along program. Speeds were reported at first as exceeding 100 mph, Garside wrote of the undated incident which was apparently caught on radar, although any readings or detail by who is either redacted or not included in the report.

"The speed of travel is in dispute," reads the report. "Greg Whinham admits to '80-ish' while other reports are over 90 mph.

"This was after dark, outside of school hours, which would require an additional release to be signed by the participants. No releases or permission forms were obtained."

The report also found two employees received preferential treatment in violation of policy; at least one, unidentified, receiving special assignments from the chief.

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