ZooMontana bear predicts Denver Broncos victory

Friday , February 28, 2014 - 12:38 PM

Chris Cioffi, The Billings Gazette

BILLINGS, Mont. -- The 2014 Super Bowl victor has been chosen.

The Denver Broncos will hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy and the score won’t be pretty.

That’s what ZooMontana’s Ozzy the grizzly bear predicted Thursday morning.

Two identical peanut butter and banana cakes, each with a Super Bowl contender’s logo, were placed on a small box.

When released from his cage, Ozzy made a beeline toward the cakes. He licked the Broncos cake, sniffed and licked the Seattle Seahawks cake, and then settled on the Broncos cake.

After gobbling the Broncos cake, he didn’t even touch the Seahawks cake and ambled back toward the warmth of his pen.

The choice was a surprise to ZooMontana’s Executive Director Jeff Ewelt, who was convinced the bear would pick the Seahawks.

“He’s known to pick underdogs,” Ewelt said.

Ozzy, a newcomer to the realm of Super Bowl-picking animals, has been perfect so far with his predictions.

Last year he picked the Baltimore Ravens to win it all, and they did.

Last year, Ozzy ate both cakes, one after the other.

Not touching the Seahawks cake led Ewelt to believe that this year’s game would be a blowout.

If Ozzy’s predictions remain perfect, it could begin elevating him into the upper echelon of animal oracles.

“If he goes undefeated, it’s going to raise his credibility,” Ewelt said.

A manatee in Florida, a porcupine in Texas and a rabbit in California are some of the other animals that annually predict champions.

In a contradictory pick to Ozzy’s Broncos prediction, a Utah ape that hasn’t been wrong for the past six years has chosen the Seahawks to win.

Notably absent this year from the Super Bowl picking animal pool is the football picking great, Princess the camel.

She lived at the Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River, N.J., until her death approximately two weeks ago after a lengthy battle with arthritis.

During the regular season she correctly picked 113 of 175 games and correctly picked six of the past seven Super Bowl winners.

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