We have rights to public waterways

Feb 10 2014 - 5:21pm


My response to the letter of Feb. 10, "Bill gives fishermen permission to trespass" is: The Supreme Court of the United States has said that the public has the right to trespass upon public waterways up to the high water mark of such.

Rep. Kay McIff's HB 141, in 2010, said otherwise and our legislature, along with the governor, agreed. They thumbed their collective noses at the Court's ruling and the public.

HB 37 tries to undo this wrong to the public while still protecting the private land owner. Apparently the letter writer has not read HB 37.

No one has the right to damage private property. At the same time, no property owner has the right to restrict trespassing on public right-of-ways regardless of its being a waterway, road, path, or whatever.

Dave Roderick


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