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Friday , March 28, 2014 - 12:33 PM

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One final album is coming from a band that’s breaking up.

The fate of My Chemical Romance is one of the topics in our latest installment of Trending With TX., along with a look at a “chill” dessert item and the joys of matching T-shirts.

‘Romance’ is gone

Founded in the ruins of 9/11, My Chemical Romance was never ordinary. Though many dismissed the band’s music as “emo” or even “satanic,” it united a generation of kids who were angry with the world, their lives and American Top 40.

For 12 years, My Chemical Romance gave hope; they showed no matter how you are feeling, you aren’t alone. One would think after so many successful years, four albums and a cult following, they’d be willing to continue into the foreseeable future. Sadly, this wasn’t the case.

On March 22, 2013, the band announced their breakup. For several months, their fans — the “MCRmy” — lived in a state of denial, assuming that it was a guise to boost album sales. It wasn’t.

This March 25, an album will be released of the greatest hits of MCR’s career. “May Death Never Stop You” may seem like a cryptic title for their last hurrah. But it seems more optimistic when the band’s lead vocalist, Gerard Way, explains, “My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. Because it’s not a band — it’s an idea.”

So there won’t be any new music from My Chemical Romance to look forward to, and a beloved band has gone to join the black parade. But we will still have the music and the memories, and we’ll carry on.

— Emily Brown,Bonneville High School

Frozen fun

One of the coolest places to go in the Top of Utah is actually -321 degrees Fahrenheit cool. Sub Zero is an ice cream shop that freezes an order right in front of your eyes with liquid nitrogen.

Located in The Junction, in Ogden, Sub Zero has the freshest ice cream around. Any fresher, I would be in the back, milking cows, because I work here.

The dessert options are premium ice cream, custard (a bit creamier than normal thick ice cream), frozen yogurt, low fat ice cream, a lactose-free coconut base, and non-dairy soy and rice milk with an agave natural sweetener. This is grand because if someone is looking for something super creamy, thick or slushee-like, Sub Zero has it all.

Baskin Robbins may have 31 flavors but Sub-Zero offers 50 flavors that can be mixed together according to the customer’s choice, making for unique combinations. I’ve had someone order a Mountain Dew peanut butter flavor, for example. Awkward, but it shows the possibilities are endless, with a free candy or fruit to be mixed inside the cream. One of the most popular selections is cake batter with cookie dough pieces.

Due to Sub Zero hand-freezing the product, a customer can order soft-served or get their dessert “extra frozen” to be crunchy. To-go ice cream is a pretty “sweet” idea, like a magical Willy Wonka ice cream. Sub Zero makes the difficult “ice-cream-melting-in-the-car-struggle” bearable by freezing an order to prevent it from melting.

This is “cool” stuff, and a sugary wonder for your taste buds.

— Cara Darr,Weber High School


This trend began when my friends and I were hanging out one night and decided to wander the halls of Walmart. We found matching Superman T-shirts and thought they were super cute, so we bought them.

We have a crazy inside joke on the shirts, too, because we call our friend “Superman” — we believe he resembles the superhero. So we support him by wearing our Superman T-shirts.

It’s hilarious to see each other in the halls and say, “Why are you wearing my shirt?” to one another, or to walk around school together and watch everyone else notice us because we match. Not only does it draw more attention to us as a group, but it creates a thicker unity between us as friends.

Shopping together as random best friends is great, and we have amazing memories and jokes created from that and our matching Superman T-shirts.

— Sarah Deem,Fremont High School

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