Expanded Medicaid means more estates will be 'recovered'

Friday , March 28, 2014 - 12:35 PM

Contributed, David Willis


If Utah expands Medicaid all the money our residents use will be repaid by their estate when they pass away due to the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program of 1993. The impact is effectively double billing. The initial medical bills will be paid for now by our taxes, and then in 20 years or whenever the person dies all the bills paid for those 55 and older will come out of their estate If they have a little estate they were planning on leaving their children the government will first be repaid for all medical expenses they used while alive. Good luck trying to get accurate numbers when the time comes for services used years before by someone other than yourself.

This is a double billing back door inheritance tax on small estates that we can not allow in Utah.

David Willis


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