Sewer line project hinders Syracuse roundabout access

Friday , March 28, 2014 - 1:09 PM

Lynn Arave, Standard-Examiner Correspondent

SYRACUSE — The west half of the six-way roundabout at 2000 West and Bluff Road will be closed for at least a month starting Monday.

C&L Water Solutions of Colorado will be closing the roundabout to conclude its retrofitting of the North Davis Sewer District’s major 36-inch sewer trunk line in the area.

Access from the roundabout to and from Bluff Road, as well as access to and from the west side of 2700 South, will both be completely closed. Plus, on 2000 West, only northbound access from the roundabout will be permitted. Southbound access along 2000 West will be closed.

Motorists should use Gentile Street, 3000 West or Antelope Drive as alternatives to get around the closed portions of the roundabout.

Depending on the weather, portions of the roundabout could be closed as long as until mid-April.

Installed in the 1950s, the nearly 60-year-old pipe needs repair and essentially a slightly smaller pipe is being put in the old pipe in the project to save time and money, instead of digging up and replacing the old pipe.

To take further advantage of the scheduled closure, Syracuse City plans on upgrading a small water line it has in the same area,that runs along a portion of Bluff Road. This improvement is expected to improve water pressure to residents in that area.

See a diagram of the roundabout’s restrictions

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