We need better parental role models

Friday , March 28, 2014 - 12:48 PM

Dafydd Jones


A couple of short stories: 1) My mother told me she didn’t care how I did in school, just don’t bring home to many Ds and no Fs. I got mostly Cs and Ds and about as many Bs as Fs.

2) I started smoking when I was 16, not because of peer pressure, but because it was an in your face action toward my dad. If he could smoke then so could I. Two of my siblings still smoke after 54 years. By the grace of God I quit.

Back to the stories: We don’t need more stupid laws that drive teachers from the profession or take our freedoms away. We need better parents. We need parents who care! Do you lawmakers hear me, we need parents who care and until then nothing you can do will change kids from following in their parents footsteps and start smoking or drop out of school.

The person who wrote the comment beneath the letter of March 14, “Our forefathers weren’t illegals,” that the Mexicans are just taking back the land the whites stole from them probably forgot that Spain stole the land from the Native Americans!

How about his for Utah’s news motto: “Life and taxes elevated!”

Dafydd Jones

West Point

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