Protesting women should form their own church

Friday , March 28, 2014 - 12:46 PM

Melissa Hofer


The LDS Church should not ban the “we-want-the-priesthood” ladies from gathering and speaking their minds at conference (March 18, “LDS Church tells Mormon women’s group not to protest”). I am fairly agnostic and personally feel these women are ninnies. The LDS paternalistic, hierarchical structure is so far away from their personal belief systems that it seems wisest to bag it in and form their own church.

The larger issue, however, is freedom of speech. How come Utah law allows the church to stop anyone who disagrees with them from speaking?

It is my wish that we could frame these issues with fairness and logic and scrutinize them with traditionally admired and unique “American” thought processes instead of framing every issue with our personal religious feelings of right and righteousness. But, then, I guess we would all be humanists.

Melissa Hofer


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