Hard-core extremists will now rule Weber County

Monday , April 14, 2014 - 7:37 PM

Scott Sangberg


The Weber County Republican Convention just carried into office James Ebert by a total of about 402 votes (April 13 news story, "Weber County Republicans dump Zogmaister to nominate Ebert"). That is it; James Ebert will be our next county commissioner because 402 delegates who were able to win a seat to the convention at their local, very minimally attended caucuses, and carry their extremely right wing agenda to the convention, and ensure that “we the people” have no real say in the formation of our county government.

Since there are no viable Democrats willing to attempt to run in a no-win situation, the only real chance we had as Republicans to vote was in a primary, and that has been effectively high-jacked from us by a mere 402 hard core extremists at the convention.

Whether you agree with Matt Bell, James Ebert and Kerry Gibson or not about the library bond that had at least 17 percent of the total electorate is irrelevant, the bond will be nullified by a mere 402 votes of all those able to vote in Weber County. Now that is democracy in action!

Scott Sangberg

Pleasant View

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