Layton baseball players honor fellow student

Monday , May 05, 2014 - 8:59 PM

LAYTON -- Layton High School baseball players have written CK 6-27-13 on their caps to pay respect to Claire Kenyon, a student at Northridge High School who was killed in a car accident early last summer.

“It’s something we look up to,” Layton baseball player Quentin Marcelin said. “She was a close friend to all the baseball players."

Junior Braden Collingwood has her initials and the date of the accident emblazoned on his glove, while other players have it on their helmets.

“We write it on everything,” Marcelin said. “It’s something we look up to whenever we’re down.”

Said Collingwood: “She was just a really good friend outside of baseball. She supported us. When it happened it hit home and we wanted to remember her in every way. If you’re having a bad game or something and you look down at your glove or your hat, just remember that there are more important things in life.”

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