Generous artist taught talented deaf students

Jul 18 2011 - 1:56pm

It was with very great interest that I read this article about Utah's great artist LeConte Stewart in the "Go!" section. It mentions that Mr. Stewart taught art at Ogden High School during the great depression. Parallel to Mr. Stewart's teaching art at Ogden High School, my brother Weldon Bishop was attending The Utah School for the Deaf and Blind, (Superintendant Frank M. Driggs). Mr. Stewart's art teaching assignment at Ogden High School included traveling to the School for the Deaf and Blind (also in Ogden) and teaching art there. My brother was artistically talented and so received art lessons.

This is a side of Mr. Stewart's generous nature which I have never seen included in biographical information. This was the first and only art instruction my brother ever had. In those days, a poor, deaf boy could not hope to receive art lessons. My records show that Mr. Stewart did this from Fall of 1923 to Spring of 1926.

Jessie Bishop Lewis




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