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Mileage deduction can be a nightmare


Mileage deduction has been a frequent article in Talkin Taxes. In order to deduct mileage, accurate record keeping is a must. Over the past year taxpayers wanting to deduct miles on either the

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Extended business tax returns due Sept. 15

If you filed for an extension for your business tax return, the due date is quickly approaching. Business returns such as Partnerships, Corporations, Trust and S-

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Common mistakes made by taxpayers

There are a few decisions taxpayers make that can have an adverse effect on a tax return. Taking money out of a retirement fund prior to the age of 59 ½.

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How to spot an IRS tax scam

In the past week my office was contacted by several taxpayers regarding phone calls from the IRS threatening them with arrest and other action if the IRS debt was


Taxpayers Bill of Rights

Did you know that as a taxpayer you have rights? Just as the Constitution protects the rights of its citizens, taxpayers also have rights that must be protected by

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Other services from the IRS

Last week’s article discussed the Taxpayer Advocacy Service. To clarify, this service is available for taxpayers facing hardship due to action from the IRS.


Taxpayer Advocacy Service is your voice at IRS

Taxpayer Advocacy When dealing with the IRS, patience and perseverance is needed. There are timelines that may get altered due to workload needs. This is often

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You are responsible for accuracy on all tax forms

When submitting a tax return, the taxpayer is ultimately responsible for ensuring the return is accurate. Speaking with a representative at the IRS, it was

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